Prospective Future:

¡@To better serve the society in this new century, College of Agriculture is currently undergoing major restructuring efforts in curricula, research programs and research facilities. As a college that includes life sciences, natural sciences, social and humanity sciences, the goal of restructuring is to better integrate available resources. The restructuring will be accomplished through the establishments of new education directions, new research programs and new facilities.


New Education Directions:

New Agricultural Curricula:
¡@ Besides updating each Department¡¦s education directions, to integrate available teaching resources and to provide students with better education, the College encourages Departments within the college to develop new curricula that across the boundaries of Departments. Currently, new curricula that are in the process of developing include ¡§Plant Resources and Applications¡¨ , ¡§Animal Resources and Applications¡¨ , ¡§Microorganisms Resources and Applications¡¨ , ¡§Plant and Animal Pathology¡¨ , ¡§Ecology and Environmental Sciences¡¨ , ¡§Food Science¡¨ , ¡§Bioresources Management¡¨ and ¡§Community Development and Planning¡¨.