Instruments and Equipments

@To enhance the efforts of teaching and research in our college, every department respects the purchase of the delicate instruments. The valuable instruments purchased in recent five years were as follows:

Aspects of Gene and Heredity

  1. Automatic nucleic acid and polymorphysism analysis system.
  2. Genome data management system.
  3. Biolistic particle delivery system (gene gun).
  4. Automatic cell analyzer.


Aspects of Physiology and Biochemistry
  1. Crop canopy gas-exchange and growth detection system.
  2. Gas chromatography and mass spectrophotometer.
  3. Crop non-destructive composition analysis system.
  4. Multichannel synchronization inductively coupled plasma spectrophotometer.
  5. Photo / electro physiological study system.
  6. Laser-induced fluorescence capillary electro-phoreses system (CE).
  7. Fast protein liquid chromatography system.
  8. Nitrogen / proteins, amino nitrogen automatic analyzer.


Aspects of Image and Detection

  1. GIS
  2. Microphotography and digital integration system.
  3. IR-image temperature detector.
  4. Dust and particle laser detective monitor.
  5. Non-destructive ultrasounic quality analysis system for plant products.
  6. Multichannel signal analysis system.
  7. Thermo-controllable NMR and data analysis system.


A Place for Practice

@For teaching, practice, academic research and demonstration management, the College of Agriculture set up such eight affiliated organizations as Experimental Forest, Highland Farm, Experimental Farm, Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Hydrotech Research Institute, Teaching and Research Center for Agricultural Automation, Agricultural Exhibit Hall, and Agricultural Extension Committee. Hydrotech Research Institute and Teaching and ResearchCenter for Agricultural Automation are the organizations for teaching and research, Agricultural Exhibit Hall and Agricultural Extension Committee are based on the purpose of developing service, and other four organizations conjoin many functions such as teaching, research and demonstration management.