@The Veterinary Teaching Hospital provides clinical training for undergraduate and graduate students of the Department of Medicine. It was established in the fall 1952, and various clinics were open to the Public after the completion of building construction. It is located at NO. 153 Keelung Rd. sec 3. Taipei, and its function has been supervised by Professors S.S. young (May 1955 to July 1972), Y.C. Lee (August 1972 to Jnly 1978), C.H.Chang (August 1978 to Juiy 1984) An-chung Lin (August 1984 to July 1990). Kuang Yang Chen (August 1990 to January 1996 and) C.C Liu (February 1996 to July 2001) T. F. Kuo (August 2001 to the present).

@The Hospital consists of the director's office, administration office, medical section, surgical section, services of Large animal clinics and Food producing animals, animal disease diagnostic center, clinical pathology laboratory. radiology, pharmacy and inpatient division. These facilities give veterinary students an opportunity to observe various aspects of cases and learn how to make diagnosis and treatment through practice. It has also accepted trainees from other educational institutes, both domestic and abroad. The imported small animals have been quarantined and varying investigational research on animal diseases has been conducted at the hospital. In order to be able to cope with the ever increasing animal population and the complexity of veterinary scientific needs, a plan has been worked out to build a 6-story and one basement veterinary teaching hospital at No. 153 Keelung Rd. Sec 3. It is hoped that, after materialization of modern veterinary medical concepts, the teaching, research, and service programs in veterinary medical science at this university will cotribute to the national education and well being to a greater extent.